Create New Jobs In Your Region Using A Standard Framework and Proven System.

NIST MEPs, states, municipalities and other organizations chartered with economic development use the CoreValue Economic Development Program to strengthen communities one business at a time – and get the aggregated economic data they need to safeguard and create jobs throughout their region.

Take a Smart Approach to Economic Development

The CoreValue Economic Development Program lets economic development organizations gather and aggregate the real-time business information you need to intelligently direct resources throughout your communities – to promote economic growth even as budgets shrink.

First, you'll be able to quickly evaluate a company’s ability to grow, scale, and compete – and create an actionable growth plan for the company that addresses its unique requirements.

Then, you can aggregate the needs of all evaluated businesses – to generate a rational, data-driven road map for allocating resources and creating jobs throughout your community.

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Translate Data Into Jobs


Rapid Discovery

Input company data and in 15 minutes you’ll get an Executive Report outlining the company’s opportunities and risks, and identifying priority items to fix and ROI.


Actionable Insights

Go further with a deep-dive analysis; receive a growth plan comprising suggested tasks and a workbook to guide you through each driver.


Smart Economic Growth

Aggregated business data lets you direct resources and funds intelligently throughout your community, to make the most efficient use of your budget.

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Real-World Results

Many MEPs and other economic development organizations are already using the CoreValue Economic Development program to measure and improve the operational integrity and market position of individual companies in their jurisdictions – leading directly to job growth. In one study of 13 companies using our system, the annual growth for the group was more than 5 times the target and the job creation/retention was more than 3 times the target.




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